ml2json mail archive processor

Subject: Improved mailing list archive features
From: Christian Jaeger <address hidden>
Date: Fri Dec 05 18:22:18 2014 GMT
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I've improved ml2json's suitability to create mailing list archives quite a bit. It now has:
  • A navigation on the left, in fact two different kinds, the first, providing simple prev/next within the global list of messages, using <img> to load SVG images (which is more portable, definitely for text clients like w3m), the second, providing improved navigation within threads, using embedded SVG.
  • A chooser between the different formats in which messages are sent (HTML, Rich Text, Plain Text). This mail is sent with HTML formatting as a demo.
  • Internationalization: English and German are available currently. I decided to simply embed the catalogs in a Perl module for now, as long as the number of messages and languages is so small. (A nice thing about this is that the message catalog can also return functions, which allows for flexibility.)
All of the new features are configurable as usual.

I need to work on making the layout look good on mobile. A bigger worry is the new navigation, how should it be changed to make it work well with fingers?


  • Improved mailing list archive features, Christian Jaeger, Fri Dec 05 18:22:18 2014