ml2json mail archive processor


This is the list of known bugs, as well as requested or suggested new features.

I'm looking for sponsors for the project. The items that are prepared for sponsoring come with a cost range and details about what is going to be done, sometimes with choosable options. Sponsoring an item will make me implement it quickly. Each item that is sponsored, gets the sponsor's name and/or link in the commit message, as well as an entry on the sponsors page if desired. Please contact me if interested (payment through PayPal, or perhaps Stripe or Bitcoin if you wish).

TypeTitleCost range (USD)
SuggestionsAdd a way to fix embedded IMG src values
WishlistAllow mboxes to start with whitespace40..70
SuggestionsBetter Id generation120
WishlistFilter out junk220..270
SuggestionsHandle 'References' headers140
SuggestionsHandle Sun style mbox files60..60
SuggestionsImprove date detection by handling dates in mbox separators better100
SuggestionsImprove date detection by looking at Received headers
SuggestionsImprove json2csv30..150
WishlistLine wrapping in pre-MIME mails250
SuggestionsParallelize mbox parsing phase40
SuggestionsPrevent 'From ' from being quoted200
NormalRecent perl needed to avoid leaking
SuggestionsRecreate Content-Type header200